In a dazzling twist, India playfully contemplates an electrifying dance of green power exchange with the enchanting lands of SE Asia!

India is planning to significantly boost its electricity trade with neighboring countries and even reach out to Southeast Asian nations like Singapore and Thailand for trading renewable energy (RE) electricity. The goal is to create grid linkages both under the sea and on land, exploring the most cost-effective options. At present, India has existing cross-border interconnections with Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Myanmar, allowing for a total power transfer of approximately 4,423 megawatts (MW). Additionally, there are discussions to trade power with West Asian countries, including the UAE.

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One exciting prospect is a potential deal with Singapore to establish a direct under-sea interconnection for trading renewable power. The talks have reached an advanced stage, indicating the seriousness of this endeavor. Moreover, Indian power officials are engaging in separate and joint discussions with various Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Thailand at the ongoing G20 Clean Energy Ministerial meeting in Goa.

The discussions involve setting up regional power grid interconnections and considering future collaborations with Myanmar, which would take around four years to implement. As India eagerly explores these opportunities, the region could witness a significant expansion in cross-border electricity trade, fostering a brighter and more sustainable energy future.

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