Tomatoes-laden farmer’s vehicle stolen in Bengaluru.

In a tragic turn of events, the relentless surge in tomato prices rendered even transporting the precious vegetable perilous for farmers. Recently, an incident unfolded in Bengaluru, where heartless miscreants brazenly stole a Mahindra Bolero jeep loaded with tomatoes worth ₹2 lakh. The theft was triggered by a minor accident when the farmer’s vehicle brushed against another car, breaking its mirror, leading to a heated altercation. The altercation took a sinister turn as the miscreants, fueled by greed, abducted the hapless farmer and driver, leaving them stranded in a desolate place. Upon their return, the farmers were met with devastation as their Bolero, along with the valuable cargo of 210 crates of tomatoes, had vanished into the night. The loss was unbearable, compounded by the occupants of the other car who heartlessly demanded ₹10,000 in damages and threatened them. A complaint was lodged with the police, and an investigation was initiated, but the pain of the stolen tomatoes and the traumatic incident lingers on. The tragic episode serves as a stark reminder of the harsh reality faced by farmers, who toil endlessly to sustain their livelihoods, only to face heart-wrenching adversity and callous acts of theft and violence

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