Amidst tragedy, the receding Yamuna water in Delhi haunts, while uncertainty lingers above the danger mark; stay tuned for the latest updates.

Tragically, the rising waters of Yamuna brought devastation as the Northern Railway suspended operations on the old Yamuna bridge, leaving despair in its wake since 10:15 pm on Sunday. The river continued to surge above the danger mark, peaking at 206.56 meters on Monday at Delhi Railway Bridge, adding to the impending catastrophe. The Central Water Commission’s data showed a relentless surge in water levels, rising from 205.02 meters on Saturday to 206.42 meters by Sunday evening, triggering fears of a flood-like situation in Delhi-NCR. The administration’s urgent announcements to evacuate low-lying areas highlighted the looming danger, while the Delhi government remained on high alert due to the discharge of vast amounts of water from Haryana’s Hathinikund barrage. Amidst the gloom, the India Meteorological Department’s forecast of increasing rain activity further darkened the prospects for the city and its adjoining regions. The Hindon river, a tributary of Yamuna, also experienced a surge, submerging houses and adding to the distress caused by heavy rainfall in states upstream. With waterlogging and flooding persisting for over a week, Delhi’s residents faced an unyielding, tragic ordeal that seemed to know no respite.

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