Generative AI’s emergence: Innovations from YouTube, Adobe, Swiggy & others.

Generative AI’s Impact on Tech Companies: Recent Developments and Applications

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Generative AI is gaining significant popularity, and tech companies are actively exploring its potential applications. In the past couple of weeks, major industry players like YouTube, Uber, Adobe, Pearson, LinkedIn, Swiggy, and Microsoft have announced new features and products centered around generative AI. Let’s take a closer look at each company’s developments.

YouTube: AI-Generated Video Summaries

YouTube is leveraging generative AI to enhance the user experience by introducing AI-generated summaries for videos. These concise overviews help users select the most compelling videos to watch. As of now, the availability of AI-generated summaries is limited to select videos, and the feature is exclusively accessible in English.

Uber: AI Chatbot for Enhanced Customer Service

Uber is embracing the AI chatbot revolution by developing its own AI-powered chatbot. Although specific details about its functions and launch date have not been revealed, it is expected to improve customer service, marketing, and automate certain tasks.

Adobe: Expanding Generative AI in Photoshop

Adobe’s Firefly, a generative AI system, has already been integrated into Photoshop with the Generative Fill feature. Now, the company has introduced the Generative Expand feature, which allows users to easily enlarge and resize images using the Crop tool. The empty space is then filled with AI-generated content that seamlessly matches the original image.

Pearson: Personalized Learning with AI

Pearson Plc, the education publisher, plans to enhance its online higher education platform using generative AI. Pearson+ and Mastering, the online textbook and assessment platforms, will offer real-time personalized support for students, tailoring the learning experience to their needs. Some AI features include summarizing learning videos for busy students and an AI tutor that assists students in solving complex problems through guiding questions.

LinkedIn: AI-Assisted Post Writing

LinkedIn is expanding its use of generative AI by testing a feature that allows users to write posts with AI assistance. Users can provide a brief summary of their main idea, and the AI will create a draft for them to edit and share with their network. This feature aims to help users express their thoughts on the platform more easily and quickly. LinkedIn has also added several other generative AI-powered features to help users improve their profiles, resumes, and cover letters.

Swiggy: Neural Search for Food

Swiggy, the food delivery app, is introducing a neural search feature powered by generative AI. This feature aims to make food searches easier by comprehending highly specific food-related terms and queries. For instance, users can search for “ice creams for diabetic patients” and get intelligent suggestions for sugar-free ice cream. Swiggy is also working on a chatbot based on GPT-4 to answer customer queries.

Microsoft: Enhancing Bing Chat Privacy

Microsoft has launched Bing Chat Enterprise, a preview feature included with some Microsoft 365 plans at no extra charge. This version of Bing Chat provides users with more privacy and security. Conversations are not saved or used to improve AI models, making it suitable for businesses that handle sensitive or proprietary information.


The rise of generative AI has sparked innovation in various industries, with tech companies actively embracing and implementing its potential. From video summaries and AI chatbots to personalized learning and improved search features, generative AI is reshaping user experiences and interactions across different platforms. As these companies continue to explore and develop AI-driven solutions, users can expect further enhancements and advancements in the applications of generative AI.

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