Luxurious mobility: A review of the HP Elite Dragonfly G4, a high-end laptop.

The concept of a premium laptop and its defining features can vary depending on individual preferences and needs. Certain common features expected from a premium laptop include a sleek and thin design, lightweight construction, and long-lasting battery life, as these have been significant pain points in the laptop market for years. However, there are other features that users have desired for a long time, but which haven’t been available in mainstream devices, such as mobile connectivity. In the case of the HP Elite Dragonfly G4, it aims to encompass all the essential characteristics of a premium laptop in 2023.

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Upon unboxing the HP Elite Dragonfly G4, one immediately realizes that it stands out from typical Windows laptops. It possesses a unique size and built, offering a smaller footprint that is not as thin and light as the ultra-slim devices that gained popularity some years back. Nonetheless, its form factor is conducive to a comfortable grip, reminiscent of carrying around a familiar file or folder.

The device also boasts a stylish design, characteristic of HP products. The clamshell edges are curved and smooth, deviating from the sharpness commonly associated with slim designs. The HP logo on the front stands out with its chrome finish, and subtle chrome accents can be found along the trackpad edges, providing a sense of style without being excessive.

Targeted towards specific user segments, the HP Elite Dragonfly G4 features a 13.5-inch diagonal anti-glare WLED UWVA WUXGA+ display, with a resolution of 1920×1280 and a brightness of 1000 nits. Notably, the display incorporates a night light and adaptive color settings for enhanced user comfort. Additionally, the Sure View Reflect Privacy feature is commendable, although it may have slight issues when the laptop is positioned at certain angles, causing perceived screen flickering. The audio quality, thanks to the quad-speaker setup from Bang & Olufsen, is among the best in its class, providing an enjoyable experience while watching media content.

However, the presence of a touch screen on a non-convertible device like this might be a bit confusing for users, as its practical application is limited without the ability to flip the screen.

Despite the compact size of the chassis, the keyboard and trackpad are almost full-sized, providing a superb typing experience. The backlit keys are particularly useful for early-morning writing sessions with natural light. The F keys offer a range of options, including a flight mode and a camera-blocking button, reflecting the device’s focus on unique features tailored to its intended users.

Surprisingly, the thin design does not compromise the HP Elite Dragonfly G4’s connectivity options. It includes an HDMI port, two USB-C ports, a USB-A port, and a 3.5mm audio jack, as well as a smartphone-like SIM slot for seamless wireless connectivity. The device accepts a Nano SIM, allowing it to access cellular connectivity when Wi-Fi is unavailable. The system intelligently alerts users when they are about to perform data-heavy tasks on LTE, helping manage data usage efficiently. Additionally, the option for E-SIM connectivity is available, though it was not tested during the review.

The HP Elite Dragonfly G4 prioritizes mobility and convenience over raw power, catering to its primary audience of top executives and business users. Customers can choose between Intel i5 and i7 processors, with configurations of up to 32GB of RAM and 2TB of storage. The top-end models are equipped with Intel vPro remote management tools, adding to their appeal for corporate users. During the review, the unit with an Intel Core i7 processor and 32GB of RAM performed exceptionally well, with no signs of overheating during cellular connectivity usage.

For added security, the Dragonfly G4 comes preloaded with HP Wolf Security, which operates in the background, scanning files and isolating potential threats. This inclusion saves users the expense of investing in separate antivirus software.

The built-in 5MP camera delivers decent performance, producing bright images even in low-light conditions. However, considering the laptop’s premium price point, a Full HD camera would have been a more appropriate addition.

In terms of battery life, the HP Elite Dragonfly G4 excels, offering a full workday of heavy use, even on cellular connectivity, making it suitable for a device of its size and capabilities.

With a starting price of Rs 2,20,000, the HP Elite Dragonfly G4 is unmistakably aimed at top-level management, providing them with a comprehensive solution for their computing needs, both during work and leisure. Competing with MacBook Air and offering users a previously unattainable choice in this category, the device holds considerable promise for professionals seeking a premium and versatile laptop experience.

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