Parliament witnesses intense debate over no-confidence motion, including PM Modi’s ‘secret talks’ and ‘traitors’ remark.

During a parliamentary session on Tuesday, members of the Narendra Modi government engaged in a heated confrontation with the Opposition while discussing a no-confidence motion. Despite the unlikely success of the motion in toppling the current administration, the newly formed INDIA coalition aimed to compel deliberations on the ongoing Manipur crisis. Unfortunately, the debate deteriorated into a war of words and both sides traded accusations throughout the day.

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The no-confidence motion, presented by Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi, led to a series of interrogations directed at Prime Minister Modi. Opposition leaders sought explanations for the Prime Minister’s approximately 80-day silence on the Manipur issue and his failure to visit the region. They also reiterated their call for the removal of Chief Minister N Biren Singh.

Key moments from Tuesday’s discussions in both houses included Congress MP Gogoi’s assertion that the state government, Home Department, and the National Security Advisor had inadequately handled the situation. He alleged, “The prime minister’s silence stems from his aversion to admitting mistakes. He would rather remain silent than acknowledge his state government’s failures.”

Opposition members frequently invoked the memory of veteran BJP leader and former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee during the debate, reminding the Prime Minister of his ‘rajdharma’ responsibilities. Gogoi emphasized that it was disconcerting for a government preaching ‘one India’ to have created ‘two Manipurs’—one in the hills and another in the valley. He explained that the no-confidence motion aimed to break the Prime Minister’s silence on these issues.

The Congress MP also hinted at undisclosed ‘secret talks’ between Prime Minister Modi and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla in Birla’s office, which triggered a strong reaction from Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Though Rahul Gandhi, a Congress leader, was reinstated in the Lok Sabha, he remained silent during Tuesday’s session, inviting criticism from the ruling faction. He was anticipated to address the Manipur situation on the following day.

Initiating the debate from the BJP’s side, MP Nishikant Dubey insinuated that the motion was politically motivated, targeting Rahul Gandhi and his family, leading to a sharp exchange of words.

Union minister Kiren Rijiju expressed that the no-confidence motion was wrongly timed and executed by the Congress party, while also accusing the previous UPA government of mistreating Northeastern people in Delhi.

Different parties, including YSRCP, Shiv Sena, JDU, BJD, BSP, BRS, and LJP, were given two hours of debate time, proportionate to their representation in the House. The debate concluded at around 6 pm, with Prime Minister Modi scheduled to respond on August 10.

The BJP also criticized the INDIA coalition for a report in a leading US newspaper that alleged Chinese funding to a Delhi-based news portal. Piyush Goyal, Leader of the House in Rajya Sabha, insinuated a suspicious connection and claimed a conspiracy against India.

In response, several INDIA alliance leaders filed a privilege notice against Piyush Goyal for his statements.

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