Here are all the details about a potential Android feature inspired by Apple devices that Google might introduce.

Reportedly, Google is in the process of developing a novel feature designed to enable Android users to seamlessly connect and transition between their various Android devices. This development is occurring in the backdrop of an ongoing debate that revolves around the comparison between Android and Apple’s iOS. Both of these operating systems present users with a myriad of features while placing a strong emphasis on privacy and security. However, one of the distinct advantages that Apple has held lies in its impeccably integrated device ecosystem. Through its Continuity features, Apple affords users the convenience of effortless utilization and switching between their iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, and watches. Recognizing the value of such seamless device integration, Google is rumored to be taking steps towards introducing a similar concept for Android users.

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Renowned Android expert Mishaal Rahman shared insights indicating that Google is poised to introduce a feature which would allow Android users to establish connections between their devices as long as they are signed in with the same Google account. This new feature would permit users to interlink their Android devices, facilitating easy transitioning of calls and sharing of internet connectivity.

Elaborating further on this development, Rahman’s tweet on X platform revealed, “You may soon be able to ‘link your [Android] devices’ signed into the same Google account together. This will enable ‘call switching,’ which lets you switch between devices for calls, as well as ‘Internet sharing’!”

The anticipated “Call Switching” capability would empower users to effortlessly shift between interconnected devices during ongoing calls. Additionally, the “Internet Sharing” feature is intended to simplify the process of establishing a personal hotspot across the linked devices.

Rahman went on to indicate that the menu for connecting devices is likely to appear within the device’s settings, specifically under the path Settings > Google > Devices & Sharing, once the feature is officially launched.

It’s worth noting that Apple already offers a comparable call-switching feature known as “iPhone Mobile Calls.” This feature enables Apple device users to initiate and receive calls on devices linked to the same Apple ID, provided they are on the same network as the user’s primary iPhone. However, Apple’s solution doesn’t extend to receiving calls from another iPhone. In contrast, Google’s proposed Call Switching feature, as depicted in a screenshot shared by Rahman, hints at the potential of switching between different Android devices, encompassing smartphones as well as the Pixel Tablet. While definitive confirmation awaits an official announcement from Google, such a feature could be particularly valuable for individuals who carry multiple smartphones.

In a separate report by Android Authority, it is speculated that the new feature will likely be introduced through Google Play Services. This implies that devices pre-equipped with the Google Play Store might be among the first to receive this feature once it’s rolled out.

In parallel news, Google has recently unveiled a native translation feature for Gmail on both Android and iOS devices. Previously exclusive to the desktop version of Gmail, this feature empowers users to translate email content into more than 100 different languages.

In its official blog post, Google explained that, on mobile devices, users can initiate the translation process by selecting the “Translate” option from the three-dot overflow menu located at the top-right corner of an email. Users have the ability to specify their preferred output language in settings, which prompts notifications when email content doesn’t align with the “Gmail display language.” Furthermore, users can opt not to translate specific languages, a functionality that can be especially beneficial for individuals proficient in multiple languages.

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