“PM Modi assures Lok Sabha that peace will be reinstated in Manipur.”

PM Modi Reassures Manipur of Support for Peace and Development

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In a session during the Parliament Monsoon Session on August 10, 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi provided assurance to the people of Manipur, addressing the efforts being made by both the State and Central governments to restore peace and facilitate development within the region. His reassurances came amidst the backdrop of his government successfully winning a motion of no-confidence, which led to the Opposition staging a walkout due to concerns over the omission of Manipur-related issues in Mr. Modi’s extended speech.

PM Modi Addresses Manipur’s Concerns

Following the walkout by the Opposition, Prime Minister Modi directed his focus towards Manipur. He expressed his sorrow over the violence witnessed in the state, particularly emphasizing the need to combat crimes against women. He assured that both the Central and State governments were collaborating to ensure that the responsible individuals are brought to justice. Directly addressing the women of Manipur, he affirmed that the nation and the Parliament stood by them. He further vowed that peace and development would soon be reinstated in the state. In a poignant statement, he urged everyone to come together, empathize with each other’s pain, and collectively heal.

Historical Perspective and Present Challenges

While discussing his efforts to offer solace and support to Manipur, Prime Minister Modi acknowledged that many of the problems confronting the state had roots that extended beyond the present. He pointed out that several challenges had their origins during the tenure of the previous Congress governments that had governed Manipur. He underscored the significance of comprehending the broader historical context when evaluating the issues at hand.

Selective Empathy and Development Initiatives

Prime Minister Modi criticized the Opposition for its selective empathy and perceived political motivations. He underscored that for him, the northeast held immense significance, describing it as a personal concern. He mentioned his numerous visits to the region and his government’s extensive efforts to foster infrastructure and development. He predicted that the evolving global dynamics would eventually bring the northeast into greater focus, particularly as the ASEAN region gained prominence.

Congress Government’s Record and BJP’s Approach

Modi further shed light on the history of Manipur under previous Congress governments. He highlighted instances of insurgency, turmoil, and a lack of security. He attributed many of the challenges faced by the state to the administrations that preceded his government. In contrast, he lauded the current BJP-led government’s endeavors to overcome challenges such as bombings and blockades, striving to arrive at solutions with genuine intentions.

Sharp Critique of Congress and the Opposition

Unveiling a series of historical instances, Prime Minister Modi critically examined the Congress party’s actions in the past. He mentioned instances such as the use of military force against Mizoram and citizens in 1966, as well as the military action on the Akal Takht in 1984. He expressed dissatisfaction with the Opposition’s choice of language when targeting him. He countered their slogans with his assurance of working towards India becoming the world’s third-largest economy during his third term.

Conclusion and Future Outlook

In his speech, Prime Minister Modi expressed his firm commitment to ensuring Manipur’s return to peace and development. He emphasized his aspiration for India to become a major global economy and challenged the Opposition to bring another no-confidence motion in 2028. His address showcased a blend of historical context, current challenges, and his government’s dedication to uplift Manipur and the entire nation.

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