AAP’s Raghav Chadha alters social media bio post Rajya Sabha suspension as ‘Suspended Member’.

Raghav Chadha, a senior leader of the Aam Admi Party (AAP), recently updated his social media bio on platform X (formerly known as Twitter) in response to his suspension from the Rajya Sabha. The suspension came as a result of alleged “gross violation of rules, misconduct, defiant attitude, and contemptuous conduct,” prompting an investigation by the privileges committee.

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In his revised X bio, Raghav Chadha now identifies himself as a ‘Suspended Member of Parliament, India.’ The change was made subsequent to his suspension from the Rajya Sabha, a move that he questioned in a video posted on the platform. Chadha raised pertinent queries, wondering whether his suspension was a consequence of his inquiries directed towards the BJP leadership or his vocal stance on the Delhi Services bill, advocating for justice.

Chadha also refuted allegations made by the BJP, particularly the accusation of forging signatures. He clarified that any MP possesses the right to propose committee members without necessitating the signature or written consent of the proposed individual. This counterargument was presented to dispel claims made against him.

It’s noteworthy that Raghav Chadha is not the first AAP member to face suspension from the Rajya Sabha. Prior to his suspension, Sanjay Singh was suspended for repeatedly defying the chair’s directions. The Vice President, Dhankhar, had chastised Singh for his continuous protests against a central government bill aimed at replacing an ordinance related to services control in Delhi.

Additionally, Sushil Kumar Rinku, the sole AAP representative in the Lok Sabha, encountered suspension on August 3rd. The suspension was triggered by Rinku’s act of throwing papers at the chair during a session. The motion for Rinku’s suspension was brought forth by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi. The minister argued that Rinku’s behavior of tearing and throwing papers toward the chair warranted his suspension for the duration of the monsoon session.

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