Telangana claims Andhra is exceeding its allocated Krishna water usage.

In a development that has sparked contention between the governments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, the former made a formal accusation on Friday, asserting that the latter has exceeded its allocated water usage from the Krishna river by a staggering 205 thousand million cubic feet (tmc ft). This allegation comes on the heels of a consistent discord over water sharing between the two states.,

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Breaking down the numbers, the Telangana state government emphasized that even when applying the widely recognized 34:66 ratio for water distribution between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, the latter had, in fact, utilized an excessive 51 tmc ft more water than its legitimate entitlement.

In an official communication addressed to the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) on the same day, the Chief Engineer-in-Chief of Telangana’s irrigation department, C Muralidhar, pointedly highlighted the disparities in water utilization. He noted that while Andhra Pradesh had seemingly exceeded its allocated share, Telangana had made commendable efforts in water conservation, ensuring efficient utilization of its water allocation during periods of scarcity.

A notable factor in this situation is that Telangana lacks independent offline water storage facilities. Consequently, the state government retained the remaining 18 tmc ft of its allocated share within the communal reservoir known as Nagarjuna Sagar. This strategic move was made to ensure the availability of water for both drinking purposes and agricultural irrigation in the early months of the 2023 fiscal year. Telangana’s government made this circumstance known to the relevant authorities, underscoring the need for their share’s preservation for vital uses.

Moreover, Telangana’s government has insisted that the excess utilization of water by Andhra Pradesh should be taken into account against the latter’s allocated share. Irrigation officials further elaborated that Andhra Pradesh had raised a request for a considerable five tmc ft of water from Nagarjuna Sagar, intended for meeting drinking water requirements in July 2023. However, it is crucial to note that, as clarified by the Engineering-in-Chief (ENC), no new water inflows had occurred into Nagarjuna Sagar at that time. Instead, the water being utilized was drawn from the prudent conservation efforts of Telangana, emphasizing the disparity in water management between the two states.

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