“Haryana Mahapanchayat demands abolishing Nuh District and providing arms.”

In New Delhi, despite the “no hate speech” condition set for granting permission to a Hindu group’s gathering in Haryana, several speakers disregarded warnings and issued open threats under police guard in the Palwal district today. The organizers had cautioned against hate speeches, but some speakers chose to ignore these warnings. Among the statements, one speaker was heard saying, “if you raise a finger, we will cut off your hands,” while another called for licenses for rifles.

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A committee comprised of 51 individuals at the mahapanchayat decided to advocate for the abolition of Nuh district and the establishment of a cow slaughter-free zone in the area. Pointing to cow smuggling as the root cause of disputes, the committee also called for the creation of a paramilitary force headquarters in Nuh to enhance security.

Furthermore, the committee urged a National Investigation Agency (NIA) inquiry into the July 31 violence. They demanded Rs 1 crore compensation for the families of those killed in the communal clashes, along with Rs 50 lakh for each injured individual. The committee also sought the recovery of damages incurred during the riots from the responsible parties.

The mahapanchayat also called for stricter laws pertaining to individuals arriving from foreign countries, suggesting their expulsion. Additionally, the committee appealed for the provision of arms to the residents of Nuh and Palwal for self-defense, with a transfer of all related cases from Nuh to Gurugram or another district.

The committee resolved to conduct the Jalahishek Yatra again on August 28 in Nuh and advocated for the release of individuals who were unjustly implicated in cases.

This gathering took place following the communal violence that resulted in six deaths in Haryana’s Nuh just over two weeks ago. Originally intended to discuss the completion of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s religious march, which had been attacked the previous month, the mahapanchayat was relocated from Nuh to Palwal, around 35 km away, due to denied permission from the police.

Taking place at Pondri village on the Palwal-Nuh border, the mahapanchayat adhered to several conditions set by the Palwal Superintendent of Police, including the prohibition of hate speeches, weapons, sticks, batons, and flammable objects. The event was limited to 500 attendees and required to conclude by 2pm, with ample security arrangements in place.

Organized by the Sarv Hindu Samaj, the gathering discussed resuming the Vishva Hindu Parishad’s ‘Brajmandal Dharmik Yatra’ on August 28. Despite the denial of permission to Hindu outfits Bajrang Dal and VHP, some members of these groups reportedly attended the event.

Earlier, the Hindu Samaj Mahapanchayat held a gathering in Gurugram, defying police permission denial, where calls for the boycott of Muslim traders and other communal speeches were made.

Due to existing tensions, the police anticipated that the gathering could exacerbate the situation, leading to the denial of permission in their efforts to restore peace. Organizers shared posters on social media to announce the event, citing its purpose as boosting Hindu confidence.

VHP division minister Devender Singh expressed hope that the yatra would be successfully completed on August 28. The Gurugram Police requested the public to refrain from provocative acts, aiming to maintain peace and harmony.

Various farmer unions and Khap panchayats appealed for peace, also demanding the arrest of cow vigilante Monu Manesar, linked to the triggering of tension by his alleged declaration to join the July 31 procession.

A ‘Mahapanchayat’ in Hisar was organized by khaps, farmer unions, and religious leaders from Haryana to condemn the violence and promote harmony. Attendees from different religious backgrounds resolved to collaborate for peace restoration.

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