Fatal Shimla temple collapse due to heavy rain claims 9 lives, with 20 possibly trapped.

The relentless onslaught of the monsoon has resulted in a tragic loss of at least 29 lives in Himachal Pradesh within a span of two days. Among these casualties, nine individuals were tragically buried beneath the debris of a collapsed temple in Shimla. The meteorological office has issued a forecast of continued heavy rainfall for the state over the forthcoming days.

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Today, a landslide claimed the lives of nine people at a Shiv Temple in Shimla city, while another heart-wrenching incident occurred late last night in Solan, where seven members of a family lost their lives due to a cloudburst.

Deputy Commissioner of Shimla, Aditya Negi, disclosed that two separate landslides in Shimla city have led to fears of 15 to 20 individuals being trapped. Ongoing efforts are focused on rescuing those who are caught in these precarious situations.

In response to the calamity, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu has taken decisive action, instructing authorities to provide comprehensive assistance and support to the affected families. The Chief Minister has also implored citizens to remain indoors and avoid venturing into areas prone to landslides. He has further appealed to tourists to refrain from visiting the state during this period of crisis.

The aftermath of the torrential rains has left over 700 roads inaccessible in the state due to numerous landslides. Notably, a significant stretch of the National Highway connecting Shimla and Chandigarh has been severely impacted by recurrent landslides, stranding several vehicles along the route.

Educational institutions, including schools and colleges, have been forced to close their doors due to the adverse weather conditions. The ongoing Post Graduate examinations have been cancelled to ensure the safety of students amidst the heavy downpour.

Attributed to a fresh episode of the Western Disturbance, the Indian Meteorological Department has identified the root cause behind the heavy rains in Himachal Pradesh and neighboring Uttarakhand. Their predictions anticipate very heavy rainfall in many areas, with isolated places experiencing extremely heavy rainfall, notably in locations like Beas, Ranjit Sagar, and the Pong dam catchment area.

The unrelenting monsoon this season has inflicted a severe financial toll, costing the state an estimated Rs 7,000 crore. This damage includes 1,376 houses being fully destroyed and 7,935 houses experiencing partial damage during the ongoing monsoon havoc.

Since the inception of the monsoon on June 24, Himachal Pradesh has been besieged by the fury of the season, leading to the unfortunate demise of over 260 individuals in various incidents.

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