With the absence of rainfall, farmers in Telangana resume their agricultural activities.

In the face of adversity, Telangana’s farmers exhibit an unwavering determination, overcoming obstacles that initially thwarted their Vanakalam (Kharif) plans due to a delayed monsoon and subsequent unprecedented rainfall and floods. Within a remarkably short span of just a few weeks, they have returned to their fields with heightened enthusiasm, striving to compensate for the lost time.

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The agricultural activity for the Vanakalam season has now surged to full momentum, as sowing operations have been initiated across approximately 98.5 lakh acres as of the recent Saturday.

Initially, the sowing endeavors in Telangana were significantly impeded by the delayed onset of the monsoon. In response, the State government provided robust support, implementing contingency plans and encouraging farmers to adopt short-duration crops and varieties, aiming to ensure a profitable season. Just as progress seemed to be on the rebound, the region experienced torrential rainfall that not only disrupted ongoing sowing activities but also inflicted substantial damage to crops that were already planted.

A mere month ago, the total area under crop cultivation stood at a mere 42.76 lakh acres, in stark contrast to the 59.5 lakh acres recorded on the corresponding day in the previous year. Similarly, approximately two weeks prior, the figure was 68.8 lakh acres, whereas it had been 79.17 lakh acres on the same day the previous year.

Agricultural officials affirmed, “The customary crop cultivation area during the Vanakalam season encompasses 1.24 crore acres. While the delayed monsoon posed challenges to sowing, in response to guidance from the State government, we devised a contingency plan that encouraged farmers to intensify sowing operations, yielding positive outcomes.”

In line with these efforts, the current extent of cultivation spans 98.5 lakh acres, representing nearly 80 percent of the season’s anticipated area of 1.24 crore acres. This surpasses the 83.4 lakh acres recorded on the same date during the previous Vanakalam season. Sowings for rainfed crops like jowar, bajra, maize, ragi, pulses, groundnut, soybean, cotton, and others are nearing completion. Meanwhile, paddy nursery preparation and sowing activities are projected to conclude by the initial week of September, according to officials.

To elaborate, paddy sowing has been successfully carried out across around 37 lakh acres, compared to the expected 49.86 lakh acres for the entire season. Millet cultivation has been completed on approximately 5.24 lakh acres, while pulses have been sown in another 5.23 lakh acres. The expansive realm of cotton cultivation encompasses around 44.4 lakh acres, a commendable figure although slightly below the normal area of 50.59 lakh acres designated for the season.

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