At the Red Fort on Independence Day 2023, PM Modi projected India’s ascent to the top 3 global economies in 5 years.

During his address to the nation on the 77th Independence Day of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a comprehensive account of India’s economic progress and the efforts undertaken to elevate the country’s standing in the global economy. He highlighted the remarkable transformation from being the 10th largest economy in the world in 2014 to now occupying the fifth position.

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Reflecting on the journey, PM Modi emphasized the collaborative efforts of the entire Indian population, consisting of 140 crore individuals, in propelling the nation’s economy forward. The transition from a lower global ranking to a significantly improved one was not achieved haphazardly, he emphasized. The Prime Minister attributed this advancement to the concerted measures taken to counteract the pervasive issue of corruption and establish a robust economic foundation.

Underscoring the fundamental principle of prioritizing the nation’s interests, PM Modi noted that this guiding philosophy has been central to their governance approach since 2014. He acknowledged the trust placed in his government by the people of India, who have consistently endorsed a strong and stable leadership capable of ushering in reforms and steering the nation away from periods of instability.

Expressing his optimism, PM Modi affirmed that India’s ascent within the global economy will persist, as evidenced by the acclaim received from various rating agencies. He likened the current global scenario to a new world order taking shape following the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking ahead to India’s centenary of independence in 2047, the Prime Minister exuded confidence in India’s potential to evolve into a developed nation, drawing upon its inherent capabilities and available resources.

While projecting a promising trajectory, PM Modi acknowledged the necessity to address three significant challenges – corruption, dynasty politics, and appeasement. These three “evils” were identified as crucial hurdles that must be overcome for India to fulfill its potential on the world stage.

In a tone of unwavering determination, PM Modi assured the nation that India’s economic and developmental momentum will not abate. Citing the track record of completing tasks, he alluded to the construction of a new Parliament building, a project that had been under discussion for 25 years. The Prime Minister used this accomplishment to underscore the efficacy and goal-oriented nature of the government’s efforts.

In conclusion, PM Modi painted a portrait of a resolute and self-assured India that is unyielding in its pursuit of progress. He encapsulated this spirit in the phrase, “Ye Bharat na rukta hai, na thakta hai, na haanfta hai aur na hi haarta hai,” which translates to “This India neither stops, nor tires, nor backs down, nor surrenders.” With these words, he encapsulated the essence of India’s unflagging determination to rise to new heights and confront challenges head-on.

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