Reportedly, Foxconn, an Apple partner, has initiated iPhone 15 manufacturing in Tamil Nadu, further reinforcing their presence in India.

According to recent reports, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 is in the process of entering the production phase within the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This strategic move by Apple is aimed at addressing the manufacturing imbalance between its operations in India and its primary production hub in China. This development falls within Apple’s broader initiative to diversify its manufacturing operations beyond the confines of China, as well as to mitigate potential vulnerabilities within its supply chain.

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The forthcoming iPhone 15, an eagerly awaited release from Apple Inc., is now reportedly moving into the production stage within Tamil Nadu. This is a significant step in Apple’s efforts to bridge the manufacturing gap that exists between its operations in India and its dominant manufacturing presence in China.

The production of the iPhone 15 is expected to take place at a facility managed by Foxconn Technology Group located in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu. This facility is gearing up to dispatch the latest units of the iPhone 15 soon after their initial rollout from Apple’s factories in China. The primary goal of this move is to rapidly increase the volume of new iPhones being produced in India, as confirmed by individuals familiar with the matter.

Sources indicate that Apple is currently engaged in a multiyear endeavor to expand its manufacturing activities beyond the borders of China. This strategic move is aimed at mitigating potential vulnerabilities in its supply chain, particularly in light of growing trade uncertainties arising from tensions between the United States and China.

The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India has been proactive in strengthening ties with the United States, while simultaneously positioning the country as a prominent global manufacturing center.

For the current year, the reported objective is to synchronize the shipment schedules for iPhones manufactured in India and those produced in China. However, suppliers remain uncertain about the feasibility of achieving this goal. Those providing this information have chosen to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of the subject.

The extent of iPhone 15 production within India will largely depend on the availability of components, a substantial portion of which are imported, and the seamless scaling up of production lines at the Foxconn facility located near Chennai.

The anticipated unveiling of the iPhone 15 is expected around September 12. This upcoming iPhone iteration represents a significant leap forward for the device after a three-year span. Notable enhancements include a major upgrade to the camera system across all variants, with the Pro models set to incorporate an advanced 3-nanometer A16 processor.

The impending lineup of iPhones plays a crucial role in revitalizing Apple’s sales, particularly in the wake of the company’s announcement of three consecutive quarters of declining sales due to lackluster consumer interest in key markets such as the United States, China, and Europe.

In addition to Foxconn, other major Apple suppliers operating in India, such as Pegatron Corp., and a Wistron Corp. facility that is in the process of being acquired by the Tata Group, are also expected to commence assembly of the iPhone 15, according to reports from Bloomberg.

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