Alka Lamba inquires about the controversy following Congress’ assertion of ‘7 seats,’ which has provoked AAP.

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In anticipation of the third meeting of the INDIA bloc in Mumbai, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has issued a veiled ultimatum, asserting its intention to withdraw from the alliance unless the Congress publicly declares an alliance with AAP in Delhi for the upcoming 2024 elections.

Addressing the situation, Alka Lamba, a prominent leader of the Delhi Congress, clarified that her earlier statement regarding Congress’ preparation for all seven seats in Delhi for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of an alliance. In response to the ensuing controversy, she took to Twitter, now referred to as X, stating, “What is the controversy about? Judega Bharat, jeetega India.” This came after AAP leaders questioned the viability of the INDIA bloc, considering the Congress’ intention to independently contest all Lok Sabha seats in Delhi in the forthcoming elections.

Alka Lamba emphasized that her statement had not touched upon the matter of forming or avoiding an alliance. She challenged anyone to identify where she had made any reference to alliance discussions. Sharing her statement that had sparked the political debate, she sought to clarify her position.

On Wednesday, the Congress convened a meeting to assess its readiness for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Delhi. Notable figures like party chief Mallikarjun Kharge and former leader Rahul Gandhi attended the session.

Post the meeting, Alka Lamba offered insights into its proceedings, indicating that the discussion spanned three hours. The initial focus was on party organization and strategies to enhance its strengths. Subsequently, the discourse shifted towards the Lok Sabha elections in Delhi. Referring to similar meetings held across 18 states, Alka Lamba noted that the directive was to be prepared for all seven seats since there remained a seven-month window until the elections. Expressing the sentiment that whoever holds Delhi holds the nation, she stressed the significance of the capital in the electoral landscape.

As it stands, all seven Lok Sabha seats from Delhi are currently under the purview of the BJP. The Aam Aadmi Party, while typically a rival of the Congress in Delhi and Punjab, has joined the INDIA bloc, an opposition alliance led by the Congress. This alliance was formed after the Congress supported AAP in the matter of the Delhi services bill, which eventually passed in Parliament. In a gesture of appreciation, AAP acknowledged Congress’ backing against the bill.

With the INDIA bloc gearing up to jointly contest the Lok Sabha elections, negotiations surrounding seat-sharing with regional parties are poised to be pivotal. However, AAP has raised a red flag, signaling their objection if the Congress opts to field candidates in all seven Delhi seats.

In response, AAP spokesperson Priyanka Kakkar asserted that if the Congress is not inclined towards an alliance in Delhi, participating in the INDIA bloc meeting would be futile. The final decision on AAP’s participation in the upcoming INDIA meeting would be made by the party’s top leadership.

As the situation unfolded, Congress’ Delhi in-charge Deepak Babaria weighed in, criticizing Alka Lamba’s handling of the situation. He asserted that Lamba lacks the maturity required of a spokesperson and emphasized that she does not possess the authority to address significant matters. Alka Lamba, a long-standing Congress leader, had initially joined AAP in 2014, and subsequently rejoined Congress in 2019 after a brief stint with AAP.

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