“Rahul Gandhi retaliates against Centre over Nehru Museum renaming, asserting ‘identity is defined by their actions…'”

Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has criticized the decision to rename the Nehru Museum as the Prime Minister’s Museum, emphasizing that Nehru’s legacy is defined by his actions and contributions, not just his name. His comments were made in the midst of a verbal confrontation between the BJP and Congress over the renaming, with the Congress suggesting that the change from “N” to “P” symbolized the BJP’s pettiness, a claim that the BJP countered by accusing Congress of merely lamenting the situation.

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Speaking at the airport on his way to Ladakh, Rahul Gandhi expressed, “Nehru Ji ki pehchaan unke karam hai, unka naam nahi,” underscoring that Nehru’s identity is rooted in his deeds rather than merely his name. This controversy arose after the official renaming of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library to the Prime Minister’s Museum and Library Society on August 14, as announced by the Culture Ministry.

The Culture Ministry’s statement explained that the museum would maintain a seamless blend between the renovated Nehru Museum building and a new structure. The renovated museum building now features technologically advanced exhibits focusing on the life and contributions of Jawaharlal Nehru. The museum then transitions to narrating the stories of various Prime Ministers who have steered the nation through diverse challenges, fostering the holistic progress of the country. This approach aims to democratize the institutional memory by recognizing all Prime Ministers.

The move to rename the museum elicited strong reactions from opposition leaders. Jairam Ramesh, a Congress general secretary, took to Twitter to criticize Prime Minister Modi’s motivations, stating that Modi seemed intent on denying, distorting, defaming, and destroying Nehru and his legacy. Similarly, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor noted that the name change could have been less polarizing by retaining “Nehru Memorial Prime Ministers Museum and Library” as the title.

In response, the BJP defended the renaming as a way to shift focus away from Nehru to acknowledge all Prime Ministers equally. This change is seen as a departure from the prior exclusive focus on Nehru’s legacy.

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