PM Modi highlights that India’s digital transformation provides global solutions.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing the G20 Digital Economy Ministers’ Meet virtually, highlighted India’s significant strides in the digital domain and its potential to serve as a fertile ground for testing innovative solutions with worldwide relevance.

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He pointed out that India’s remarkable diversity makes it an ideal laboratory for solutions, as those proven effective within the country can be seamlessly adapted for global implementation. Welcoming participants to Bengaluru, a city synonymous with technological innovation and entrepreneurship, PM Modi asserted that solutions incubated in India can find success anywhere.

The prime minister credited the inception of the Digital India initiative in 2015 for the rapid and transformative digital evolution witnessed over the past nine years. He emphasized the nation’s steadfast dedication to innovation, swift implementation, and all-encompassing development, ensuring that no individual is left behind in the digital revolution.

PM Modi highlighted the extensive scale and rapid pace of this transformation, citing India’s 850 million internet users who benefit from some of the world’s most affordable data costs. He applauded the utilization of technology in governance enhancement, mentioning significant initiatives like Aadhaar, a distinctive digital identity platform covering over 1.3 billion people, and the revolutionary JAM trinity that has redefined financial inclusion.

The prime minister also lauded India’s UPI payment system, which facilitates almost 10 billion monthly transactions and processes 45% of global real-time payments.

He showcased a range of digital endeavors, including Direct Benefits Transfer, which has saved over $33 billion by eliminating system leakages, and the CoWIN portal, which played a pivotal role in India’s extensive COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

PM Modi shed light on the Gati-Shakti platform, employing technology for infrastructure and logistics mapping, leading to cost reduction and expedited delivery. He also highlighted the government e-Marketplace and open network for digital commerce, platforms that have brought transparency and integrity into public procurement and e-commerce sectors.

Moreover, he mentioned the development of Bhashini, an AI-powered language translation platform designed to foster digital inclusion across India’s diverse linguistic landscape.

PM Modi emphasized that India’s Digital Public Infrastructure offers scalable, secure, and inclusive solutions to global challenges, leveraging its diverse demographics to serve as an ideal testbed. He affirmed that solutions that prove successful in India can be readily replicated on a global scale.

The prime minister commended the establishment of a G20 virtual Global Digital Public Infrastructure Repository, emphasizing the necessity of a standardized framework for digital public infrastructure. He also praised initiatives aimed at facilitating cross-country comparisons of digital skills and the establishment of a virtual center of excellence for digital skilling.

Recognizing the escalating cybersecurity concerns in the expanding digital economy, PM Modi called for a consensus on G20 high-level principles to ensure a secure, trusted, and resilient digital economy.

In conclusion, PM Modi underscored the potential of technology for inclusive and sustainable development. He urged G20 nations to pave the way for a prosperous and secure global digital future, advocating for the adoption of digital technology among farmers and small businesses, the establishment of a global digital health ecosystem, and the responsible use of artificial intelligence.

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