Rahul Gandhi highlights Ladakh residents’ worries over China’s appropriation of grazing land.

During his visit to Ladakh on August 20, Rahul Gandhi, a prominent Congress leader, highlighted several concerns expressed by the local residents. He observed that the people of Ladakh were troubled by China’s alleged encroachment on grazing land. According to Mr. Gandhi, this situation has significantly impacted the community, as their crucial grazing land has been reportedly taken over by Chinese forces. He emphasized that the local population is unable to access the land that was once vital for their livelihoods due to these reported encroachments.Mr. Gandhi also mentioned that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had stated that no land had been lost to China. However, he disputed this claim, asserting that his interactions with the locals suggested otherwise. He emphasized that the people he spoke with disagreed with the Prime Minister’s statement, indicating that they were experiencing the loss of grazing land due to alleged incursions by Chinese troops.During his visit to the Pangong Tso area in Ladakh, Mr. Gandhi paid tribute to his father, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, on his birth anniversary. He revealed that the locals had numerous grievances, particularly with the current status of Ladakh as a Union Territory. He conveyed that the residents were dissatisfied with the existing governance structure, expressing a desire for more representation and addressing issues such as unemployment.Rahul Gandhi noted that the residents suggested a shift in governance, advocating for a system where decisions are made in consideration of the voices of the people rather than being solely managed by bureaucracy. He further disclosed his upcoming plans to visit Kargil on August 25 and address a public gathering on August 26. His visit coincides with the upcoming polls for the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council-Kargil, scheduled for September 10.

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