Report reveals history of assaulting Muslims for RPF constable who killed individuals on a moving train.

In 2016, during his posting in Ujjain, Chetan Singh Chaudhary, a former Railway Protection Force (RPF) constable, engaged in a series of troubling incidents involving a 45-year-old Muslim auto driver. Chaudhary’s actions included abusive language, threats, and physical assault directed at the auto driver. These disturbing events unfolded prior to his later involvement in the tragic killing of his senior and three Muslims on a moving train on July 31.

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During his time in Ujjain, Chaudhary specifically targeted a man named Wajid Khan. Over a period of several months in 2016-17, he persistently harassed Khan, entering his auto forcefully and coercing him into driving long distances without compensation. On one occasion, when Khan was unable to provide a ride to Chaudhary due to personal reasons, Chaudhary verbally abused him, labeling him a “traitor” and a “terrorist.” Furthermore, Chaudhary expressed derogatory sentiments about Muslims, referring to them as “terrorists” and asserting that they belong in prison.

The harassment escalated to physical assault, and in late January or February 2017, Chaudhary physically attacked Khan. He even detained Khan at an RPF station for an hour, falsely accusing him of evading platform ticket payment. Feeling that he was being targeted because of his religion, Khan finally decided to take action against Chaudhary’s abuse. In his formal complaint to RPF officials, Khan highlighted the religiously-motivated nature of the harassment, including the use of derogatory language and threats to frame him in a false case.

Unfortunately, despite Khan’s complaint, an inquiry into the matter was significantly delayed and only initiated over a year later. Eventually, the inquiry found Chaudhary culpable for his actions. As a consequence, he was transferred from his post. He was first sent for training in Kerala and later relocated to Bhavnagar in Gujarat.

Additionally, Chaudhary’s disciplinary record was marred by at least three prior incidents of misconduct, according to an RPF official. On August 14, the RPF Senior Divisional Security Commissioner issued the order for Chaudhary’s dismissal from service, effective August 17, following his involvement in the tragic incident on July 31. This incident revealed a disturbing history of abusive behavior and harassment perpetrated by Chaudhary, casting a somber light on the events that transpired on the moving train and the need for addressing such conduct within the organization.

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