“Donald Trump issues major warning to India of ‘Reciprocal tax’ during 2024 US Presidential Elections.”

Former US President Donald Trump has issued a warning of imposing a reciprocal tax on Indian products, with a specific focus on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. In the lead-up to the 2024 US presidential elections, Trump reiterated his concerns about the trade relationship between the US and India.

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During his initial term in office, Donald Trump characterized India as a “tariff king” due to its high import duties. In May 2019, he decided to terminate India’s preferential market access, claiming that the country wasn’t providing the US with fair and reasonable access to its markets.

Trump discussed his grievances regarding Indian tax rates in an interview with Fox Business News. He criticized the substantial tariffs that India applies, particularly on American products like Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Trump highlighted the stark contrast in taxation, explaining that while Indian-made motorbikes could enter the US market tariff-free, American-made Harleys faced steep tariffs when being exported to India.

The former President questioned India’s reluctance to engage in business due to the high tariffs, yet their desire for the US to establish manufacturing plants in India to avoid these tariffs. He also mentioned Brazil’s significant tariff practices.

Trump expressed frustration at the limitations of imposing counter-tariffs on India, as he believed that even if the US charged India considerably less than the 200 percent tariffs they imposed, it would still be considered incompatible with the principles of free trade.

Despite facing legal challenges and indictments, Donald Trump remains a prominent figure in the Republican Party. Leading the polls in the Republican presidential primaries, he commands a significant portion of GOP support. However, he has made the decision to forego participation in the upcoming Republican primary debate for the 2024 cycle.

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