PM Modi departs for Johannesburg and issues statement at BRICS Summit.

On a Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on a journey to Johannesburg with a significant purpose at hand – his participation in the 15th BRICS Summit. The occasion held special importance, not just because of the event itself, but also because it marked the first in-person summit after three consecutive years of virtual meetings, necessitated by the global Covid-19 pandemic.The BRICS Summit, which includes the member countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, has evolved into a crucial platform for dialogue, cooperation, and collaboration among these major economies. This year, South Africa had the honor of hosting the event, and its presidency carried the theme “BRICS and Africa: Partnership for mutually accelerated growth, sustainable development, and inclusive multilateralism.” The choice of theme underlined the shared commitment to fostering growth and development across the member nations and beyond.For Prime Minister Modi, this journey to Johannesburg wasn’t merely about attending a summit. It was a momentous occasion that would strengthen diplomatic ties, extend cooperation, and lay the foundation for future collaborations. As he set out on this diplomatic mission, he carried with him the anticipation of engaging in bilateral meetings with world leaders on the sidelines of the summit.But the significance of this journey wasn’t confined to South Africa alone. Prime Minister Modi had another destination on his itinerary – Athens, Greece. Notably, this visit to Greece held a special place in history. Prime Minister Modi expressed his honor at being the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Greece in over four decades. This visit underscored the historical connections between India and Greece, as well as the modern-day partnerships that had been built on shared values of democracy, rule of law, and pluralism.The diplomatic endeavors of Prime Minister Modi extended beyond mere symbolism. He emphasized the ongoing cooperation between India and Greece across various sectors, such as trade, investment, defense, and cultural exchanges. These partnerships weren’t just fleeting collaborations; they were strong bonds that had been nurtured over time, spanning civilizations and centuries.At the core of the BRICS Summit lay the pursuit of a strong cooperation agenda across sectors. It provided member nations the opportunity to identify potential areas of collaboration, review institutional development, and address global challenges in a collective manner. Prime Minister Modi acknowledged the importance of BRICS as a platform for discussing issues of concern, particularly those affecting the Global South. Development imperatives and reforms within the multilateral system were subjects of deliberation and discourse.The journey to Johannesburg wasn’t just a solo endeavor for Prime Minister Modi. He was accompanied by a business delegation from India, a testament to the importance of economic engagement in the international arena. The BRICS Business Council, BRICS Women Business Alliance, and the BRICS Business Forum served as platforms for these economic engagements, fostering dialogues and collaborations that aimed to drive economic growth and prosperity.The agenda of the summit was not limited to the official proceedings alone. A special event, “Brics – Africa outreach and Brics plus dialogue,” captured the essence of collaboration between BRICS nations and the African continent. This outreach symbolized the commitment to inclusive multilateralism, extending cooperation beyond the boundaries of the member nations.As Prime Minister Modi embarked on this journey, he carried with him not just his country’s aspirations, but the hopes of stronger international partnerships, collaborative initiatives, and a shared commitment to global progress. His participation in the BRICS Summit and subsequent visit to Greece were testaments to India’s steadfast engagement with the international community, its eagerness to contribute to global development, and its dedication to fostering partnerships that transcend time and geography.

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