PM Modi, speaking at BRICS 2023, expresses India’s warm embrace of heightened significance for global south nations.

During the plenary session of the BRICS Summit held in Johannesburg, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a comprehensive address on August 23rd. In his speech, he highlighted India’s unwavering support for bestowing special significance upon countries within the global south, particularly under the aegis of South Africa’s presidency of the BRICS alliance, which comprises Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.PM Modi’s words resonated with enthusiasm as he expressed India’s heartfelt welcome for the emphasis placed on the nations of the global south during South Africa’s stewardship of the BRICS presidency.

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Stressing the importance of this initiative, he conveyed, “We wholeheartedly welcome the move to give special importance to countries of the global south under South Africa’s BRICS presidency.”Further underlining India’s commitment to fostering collaborative relations, PM Modi underscored India’s proposal for permanent membership of the G20 for the African Union. He expressed confidence that this proposition would garner the support of India’s BRICS partners within the G20 framework.PM Modi’s address also articulated India’s steadfast backing for the expansion of the BRICS consortium. He expressed enthusiasm for advancing this agenda through a consensus-based approach, stating, “India fully supports the expansion of BRICS and welcomes the move to move forward on this based on consensus.” This expansionary trajectory signifies the considerable growth and achievements that the BRICS nations have collectively achieved over the past two decades.With a forward-looking perspective, PM Modi emphasized the necessity of preparing societies to meet future challenges, aligning with the imperative to make BRICS future-ready.

He lauded South Africa for its role as the chair of the BRICS summit, applauding the endeavor to afford special significance to nations from the Global South within the BRICS framework. He underscored the timeliness of this approach, describing it as not merely an aspiration but also a contemporary requirement.PM Modi’s dedication to fostering cooperation was further demonstrated through his acknowledgment of the Voice of Global South summit held earlier in the year. This summit saw participation from 125 countries, facilitating the sharing of concerns and priorities in a spirit of unity and collaboration.Additionally, PM Modi shed light on India’s proactive contributions to the BRICS agenda. He highlighted India’s recommendations on various fronts, including the establishment of railway research networks, enhanced cooperation among Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), the creation of online BRICS databases, and the promotion of startup ventures. The progress made on these fronts was a source of satisfaction for PM Modi.In the realm of space exploration, PM Modi underscored the collaborative efforts of BRICS countries. He indicated that India was already engaged in developing the BRICS satellite constellation. Moreover, he proposed the consideration of establishing a BRICS space exploration consortium, a forward-looking suggestion aimed at promoting cooperation in space exploration endeavors.PM Modi’s comprehensive address at the BRICS Summit highlighted India’s proactive and collaborative stance within the alliance. It echoed India’s commitment to fostering inclusivity, unity, and collective progress among nations representing diverse regions and aspirations.

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