Tragedy strikes as police constable loses life in accidental gun misfire in Hyderabad.

In a tragic incident that unfolded at a police outpost in Hyderabad during the early hours of Wednesday, a 28-year-old head constable of the Telangana State Special Police (TSSP) force lost his life due to an accidental discharge of his service rifle. The incident, which has left the law enforcement community in mourning, sheds light on the unfortunate circumstances that led to the untimely demise of Bhupati Srikanth, a dedicated member of the 12th battalion of TSSP.

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Srikanth, stationed at the Kabutar Khana police outpost near Hussaini Alam in the old city of Hyderabad, was assigned guard duty when the tragedy occurred. According to Syed Jahangeer, the additional deputy commissioner of police (south), Srikanth’s evening took a tragic turn while he was settling in to rest at the outpost. Around 1 am to 1:30 am, a sudden gunshot reverberated through the outpost. Startled colleagues rushed to the source of the sound, only to discover Srikanth grievously injured and the carbine gun he was entrusted with lying beside him.

Prompt action was taken, and Srikanth was immediately transported to Osmania General Hospital for emergency treatment. However, despite the efforts made to save his life, the bullet injury proved fatal, and Srikanth tragically passed away while undergoing medical care.

The circumstances leading to this heart-wrenching event came to light through a preliminary investigation. Police officials believe that the mishap transpired while Srikanth was engaged in a routine task. It is suspected that he might have been counting the bullets within the gun before preparing to retire for the night. This unfortunate misstep led to the accidental firing of the weapon.

To delve deeper into the incident, authorities have registered a case of suspicious death, initiating a thorough inquiry. The body of the deceased has been transferred to the mortuary at Osmania General Hospital for post-mortem examination.

Srikanth, who hailed from Appannapet village in Suryapet district, belonged to the 2018 batch of the TSSP. He was regarded as a dedicated and committed officer, passionate about his duty and service to the community. Having come from a humble background, his dedication to his profession was commendable. The tragedy has struck his aspirations short, especially as he was on the brink of a new chapter in his life‚ÄĒpreparations for his impending marriage were underway.

Vinay, one of Srikanth’s colleagues at the Hussaini Alam police outpost, spoke fondly of him, highlighting his dedication to duty. Vinay noted that Srikanth, recently transferred from the APSP battalion to Hussaini Alam police station outpost, demonstrated unwavering commitment to his responsibilities. Like all responsible officers, they routinely secured their firearms in the outpost’s locker before retiring for the night.

Tragically, this incident underscores the risks inherent in even routine tasks within the realm of law enforcement. The accidental discharge serves as a somber reminder of the importance of vigilance and adherence to safety protocols, particularly when handling firearms. As the police community mourns the loss of a dedicated officer, the incident prompts introspection and emphasizes the need for ongoing training and awareness to prevent such heartbreaking occurrences in the future.

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