After the BRICS Summit, PM Modi arrives in Athens, Greece, for a one-day trip.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi whisked himself off to the captivating city of Athens in Greece on a Friday, as if to say, “BRICS Summit, check; now it’s time for a Greek adventure!” The invitation extended by his Greek counterpart, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, added a touch of intrigue after the curtain fell on the 15th BRICS Summit held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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With an air of anticipation, Modi shared his thoughts as he departed, painting the canvas of his Greece visit with colors of optimism. “Picture this: my footprints will mark the start of a new journey between India and Greece, one that hadn’t seen an Indian Prime Minister step onto Greek soil in four decades! A historic reunion indeed,” he mused.

The Prime Minister’s excitement was palpable as he continued, “Stepping onto this ancient land, I’m like a curious explorer embarking on an odyssey. An Indian Premier after 40 years! I intend to script a new chapter in our friendship.” He seemed ready to flip through the pages of history and ink new paragraphs.

As he stood on the threshold of Greece, Modi couldn’t help but recall the threads that wove together Indian and Greek civilizations through time. “Think about it—our ties have deep roots, snaking through centuries. The fabric of modern Indo-Greek relations is woven with threads of democracy, rule of law, and pluralism. Ancient wisdom meets modern diplomacy!” he exclaimed.

Highlighting the dance of collaboration in various sectors, Modi wore a wry smile. “Trade, defense, culture, and heart-to-heart connections—these are the colors that paint the portrait of India and Greece. With each brushstroke, we come closer.” His words painted a vibrant canvas where both countries were brush-wielding artists.

In Athens, Modi was to be met with a grand welcome, akin to a protagonist stepping into the pages of his own story. A visit to the tomb of the unknown soldier was scheduled, a gesture symbolizing respect and shared values. As he prepared for discussions with Mitsotakis, one could almost imagine the exchange of ideas, each word resonating like a musical note in a symphony of partnership.

At a business meeting, the economic notes would crescendo, as both leaders strummed the chords of opportunity. A nod to the Indian diaspora, a warm interaction with the community—these were the heartbeats of the journey.

With a successful wrap-up of the BRICS Summit in South Africa, Modi’s social media chirped with gratitude. “Johannesburg, you’ve been grand! The BRICS Summit, history in the making. Welcoming new members into the fold, fostering global cooperation—what a productive time. Much appreciation to South Africa for the warm hospitality!” he tweeted, as if his words were souvenirs from his travel diary.

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