Magnitude 3.6 earthquake hits Warangal in Telangana.

On that fateful Friday morning of August 25, tragedy struck Warangal in Telangana as an earthquake, measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale, mercilessly shook the region. The heart-wrenching news, relayed by the National Center for Seismology (NCS), revealed the quake’s epicenter lay 30 kilometers deep, a grim reminder of the earth’s unforgiving power.

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In somber words, the NCS shared on X (formerly Twitter), “At 04:43:11 IST, on the ominous date of 25-08-2023, an earthquake of magnitude 3.6 shattered the silence. Latitude: 18.04, Longitude: 80.80, Depth: 30 Km, Location: a desolate 127 km East of Warangal, Telangana.”

The clock’s hands were at 4:43 am when the NCS recorded the tremors, a time forever etched in the minds of those who felt the earth’s torment. With bated breath, people await more details about the disaster that unfolded.

A mere five days prior, the town of Manuguru felt the earth’s wrath. On that ill-fated Saturday evening of August 19, a minor quake rattled the Manuguru mandal, setting the stage for the tragedy that followed. Recollections of terrified residents flooded in, recounting the eerie sounds accompanying the trembling ground – a haunting symphony of shifting household items. The quake’s vicious grasp reached far and wide, impacting areas like Manuguru, Pujarinagar, Rajpet, Kothakondapuram, Sundarayyanagar, and Adarshnagar.

Normally, the local Singareni coal mines would release their thunderous blasts between three and 3.30 in the afternoon. Yet, on this day, darkness had already settled when the earth convulsed after 4 pm, forcing frightened souls to abandon the shelter of their homes.

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