LB College in Warangal has selected 81 students for NCC training.

In an announcement from Warangal, LB College has recently disclosed that a total of 81 students, both male and female, have achieved successful selection for participation in the NCC (National Cadet Corps) training program for the academic year 2023-24.

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The meticulous selection process was orchestrated under the careful guidance of the 10 Telangana Battalion. This involved a series of stringent evaluations carried out by esteemed defense personnel directly at the college premises on a Saturday.

Dr. Aruna DH Rao, the Principal of LB College, elaborated on the selection procedure, highlighting that it was led by Colonel Ajay Nanda Kanduri, the commanding officer of the 10th Telangana Battalion. The process encompassed a comprehensive array of assessments designed to thoroughly evaluate the potential cadets.

These assessments included a combination of written examinations, physical fitness tests, and comprehensive health evaluations. Aspiring cadets were subjected to a range of tasks to gauge their abilities, including a 400-meter run, push-ups, and various other physical challenges. Throughout the evaluation, the college’s NCC Officer, Captain Dr. M Sadanandam, and the faculty were actively present, overseeing the proceedings.

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