Manchirevula forest park in Hyderabad will be opened today.

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In the development of the urban forest park, a 4.5 km protective wall has been constructed along the entire perimeter of 5.6 km, a collaborative effort between the HMDA and the Forest Department. Additionally, around 50,000 saplings of local species have been planted, involving the removal of construction debris and targeting gap areas for plantation. Moreover, approximately 25,000 shrub species have been strategically planted to serve as hedges.

Addressing the challenges faced during the project, the removal of weeds, particularly in the planted areas, posed a significant hurdle. However, this challenge was successfully managed due to the competition for growing stock.

Situated in the western region of Hyderabad, particularly in and around Narsingi and Kokapet, this area has undergone substantial development with the implementation of numerous residential and commercial projects. Its advantageous proximity to IT hubs like Gachibowli and the Financial District has spurred further advancements. Amidst this rapid urbanization, a notable feature is the Forest trek park, located within this evolving modern city.

The outcomes of this initiative include the generation of a monthly revenue of approximately ₹3 lakh. The park’s aesthetic appeal is amplified by captivating rock formations, such as the Balancing rocks, Baby Elephant, Eagle face, and Old monk formations. These, along with animal paintings on rocks, are particularly alluring to youth and children. The addition of small hillocks and an undulating terrain further enhances the charm of the walking tracks and interconnected trek routes throughout the park.

Water bodies, namely Chinnacheruvu, Peddammacheruvu, and a check dam, contribute to the area’s scenic beauty. Notably, the protection and rejuvenation of the unique tropical dry scrub forest, which is exclusive to the Deccan plateau, highlight the commitment to preserving the area’s distinctive ecological diversity.

The transformation of the park has turned it into a paradise for trekkers, with well-defined pathways featuring undulations and an infusion of greenery. Despite its urban setting, this urban forest park ranks high in popularity, standing as a preferred destination for nature enthusiasts, just behind renowned sites like the Botanical Garden and KBR National Park.

The total investment for this comprehensive project amounts to ₹7.38 crore. The investment distribution includes ₹178 lakh from TSFDC for amenities development, plantation, and forest rejuvenation efforts, ₹350 lakh from HMDA for the construction of the protective wall, ₹120 lakh from the Forest Department for the same protective barrier, and a notable contribution of ₹89.65 lakh from HDFC bank under their CSR initiative, specifically designated for planting initiatives.

This initiative by the Telangana State Forest Development Corporation (TSFDC) is aligned with the Telanganaku Haritha Haram program, reflecting a commitment to climate resilience and environmental security. The inauguration of the forest trek park in Manchirevula is anticipated to be officiated by the Chief Minister. Furthermore, the park is nestled between Narsingi RBVRTPA and Appa Junction, specifically within the Chilkur Reserve Forest Block, supervised by TSFDC. This expansive area, spanning 100 hectares in the Shamshabad division, boasts remarkable rock formations and an existing vegetation composition characteristic of the Deccan plateau region. With its diverse terrain and natural features, the location holds immense potential for its transformation into an engaging Urban Forest Park, championing the convergence of nature and urban living.

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