PM Narendra Modi engages with ISRO scientists, outlining 10 significant aspects in his speech at Bengaluru.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi graced ISRO’s talented scientists, orchestrators of Chandrayaan-3’s glory, with a warm Bengaluru welcome today. Stepping into the ISRO headquarters, he was immersed in S Somanath’s detailed tale of Chandrayaan-3’s voyage, a tapestry woven with dedicated scientists’ relentless efforts. Even before this rendezvous, PM Modi’s spirit echoed ‘Jai Vigyan Jai Anusandhan,’ resounding outside HAL airport, as he embraced the Bengaluru populace.

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My heart traversed continents; my first step back on Indian soil led me here to you,” PM Modi shared, brimming with excitement.

A Bengaluru ode to ISRO’s pioneers: Top 10 notes from PM Modi’s speechClaiming August 23 as ‘National Space Day,’ PM Modi announced a new tradition, commemorating Chandrayaan-3’s triumphant lunar touch on this day.

My heart remained with you,” PM Modi confessed, confessing his global voyage couldn’t sever the bonds with his nation and ISRO.

“I yearned for this embrace,” PM Modi’s voice echoed, his return to India igniting an urgent desire to meet Chandrayaan-3’s architects.

Our journey crafted a unique mark,” PM Modi glorified ISRO’s feat, a journey into uncharted territories.

“Innovation is India’s compass,” PM Modi beamed, Chandrayaan-3’s victory heralding India’s ascent to tackling colossal global challenges.

In the lunar narrative, ‘Shivshakti’ emerged as the landing point’s moniker, announced by PM Modi himself, encapsulating the essence of celestial strength.

Our scientists played moon maker,” PM Modi exclaimed, praising the meticulous testing of an ‘artificial moon’ that ensured Chandrayaan-3’s soft landing success.

“Tiranga Point,” PM Modi proclaimed, immortalizing the spot where Chandrayaan-2 imprinted the tricolor on the lunar surface in 2019.

In Bengaluru’s hallowed ISRO grounds, PM Modi painted a vivid story, a symphony of science and innovation, resonating with the dreams of a spacefaring nation.

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