B20 India operated aligned with PM Modi’s vision of ‘Vasaudeva Katumbakam,’ says N Chandrasekaran.

During the G20 Summit, India’s B20 presidency, centered around the theme of ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future,’ was officially passed on to Brazil. N Chandrasekaran, the Chair of B20 India and Executive Chairman of Tata Sons, highlighted that this presidency was guided by PM Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Vasaudeva Katumbakam.’ This concept emphasizes unity and global interconnectedness.

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N Chandrasekaran’s statement at the G20 Summit underlined that India’s B20 presidency had actively engaged with more than 1,500 business leaders and experts across 55 countries through over 100 events both in India and internationally over the span of seven months.

The Business20 (B20) serves as the recognized platform for dialogue between the G20 and the global business community. The current summit’s overarching theme, ‘R.A.I.S.E.: Responsible, Accelerated, Innovative, Sustainable, Equitable Businesses,’ guides discussions. The three-day summit, which commenced on August 25 in India’s capital, has attracted over 1,500 representatives from 55 countries.

PM Narendra Modi, in his closing keynote at the B20 Summit, highlighted India’s role as a solution provider to global challenges. He recounted India’s contribution as the ‘Pharmacy of the World,’ having supplied vaccines to over 150 countries during the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasized India’s significance in establishing a reliable and efficient global supply chain.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, also a part of the B20 Summit, underscored the importance of a diversified and inclusive form of globalization. He stressed the need for multiple production centers to create a substantial impact in the business world. Jaishankar also emphasized the significance of strategic autonomy, particularly in the face of recent global volatility.

In the pursuit of a more just, equitable, and participative global order, Jaishankar highlighted the necessity for corresponding investments in trade and technology decisions, indicating that actions must align with aspirations.

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