Overview of the Chilkur Forest Urban Park.

Chilkur Forest Urban Park: A Tranquil Oasis in Hyderabad

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Location and Description:

The Chilkur Reserve Forest Block, managed by the TSFDC, spans 100 hectares within Compartment No. 202 of Shamshabad Division.

Situated between Nasingi RBVRTPA (Police Academy) and Appa Junction, the park boasts stunning rock formations, particularly notable for their balanced boulders on hillocks.

The current vegetation consists of scrub jungle, characteristic of the Deccan plateau, and the area features hilly terrain, natural streams, water bodies, and natural outcrops.

Development and Features:

The park has been equipped with several facilities to enhance visitors’ experiences.

Key features include a RR masonry compound wall encircling the RF Block, various pathways and inspection paths, a 2 km cycle track, a trekking route on hills, stone painting works, a check dam and percolation tank for water bodies, artistic bridges, and more.

The park showcases a variety of native forestry species, with an impressive planting of 30,000 plants to create a vibrant ecosystem.

A thoughtfully designed entry gate with a bouldery formation, ticket counter, and security room welcomes visitors.

Adequate seating arrangements, an inspection hut gazebo, and a watchtower have been established to provide comfort and scenic viewpoints.

Growing Appeal and Positive Impact:

Even during its development phase, the park has attracted numerous visitors, appealing to trekkers, nature enthusiasts, and individuals seeking a peaceful morning walk.

The park’s strategic location near Narsingi and Rajendra Nagar Municipality in Hyderabad ensures a large number of visitors, contributing positively to the community.

With its array of features and attractions, the park is projected to achieve self-sustainability within just three months.

Notably, HDFC Bank, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, has collaborated with TSFDC by funding the entire plantation cost for the Chilkur Forest Urban Park.

An impressive amount of Rs. 87.75 lakh has been approved for CSR support from HDFC Bank, enabling the planting of 30,000 saplings comprising 28 different types of wild forest species during the 2022-23 planting season

Environmental Restoration and Community Engagement:

The Chilkur Forest Urban Park plays a crucial role in restoring the natural hydrological cycle in the region.

The presence of various flora and fauna, including the national bird peacock, adds to the park’s ecological value.

Engaging the community, nature lovers, and health enthusiasts, the park provides a harmonious blend of recreational and environmental benefits, making it a valuable asset for the city of Hyderabad.

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