Pew study indicates Indians are likelier to perceive India as ‘influential’ globally than the rest of the world.

According to a recent study conducted by Pew, a significant 70% of individuals in India perceive their country as having gained influence on the global stage, a stark contrast to the 28% of adults in 19 other countries who share the same belief.

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The Pew study delves into the opinions of Indians regarding their country’s growing prominence relative to the rest of the world. Among Indian respondents, a substantial 70% expressed the belief that India’s influence has risen, categorizing it as ‘influential’. In comparison, a median of only 28% of adults across 19 other nations shared this perspective. The comprehensive findings are based on a survey involving 30,861 participants from India and 23 other countries, carried out between February 20th and May 22nd.

Moreover, the study brings to light that in the remaining 19 countries, approximately 48% of respondents stated that India’s level of influence has remained relatively stable over recent years. This stands in contrast to the viewpoint of only 19% of Indian respondents who concur with this assessment.

In a similar vein, the study reveals that 79% of Indians hold a favorable opinion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with 55% of this group expressing a very favorable view. However, this sentiment is not mirrored globally, as only around 37% of individuals from 12 different countries exhibit confidence in PM Modi’s capacity to make sound foreign policy decisions.

Notably, India garners a favorable reputation across various countries, with 46% of adults from 23 surveyed nations expressing a positive view of India. This figure surpasses the 34% who report an unfavorable perception.

Distinctly, a majority of Indians hold positive sentiments towards Russia and express confidence in President Vladimir Putin’s ability to navigate international affairs effectively. The data compiled by Pew indicates that 57% of Indians view Russia in a favorable light, while a mere 14% of adults across 22 other countries share this viewpoint.

Additionally, the study finds that 65% of Indians harbor a favorable view of the United States, a significantly higher proportion than any other surveyed country. Intriguingly, India is the sole middle-income nation in the survey where the majority of respondents express an unfavorable opinion of China.

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