4-year-old girl mauled to death by leopard in Udhampur, J-K, as search operation continues.

In a tragic incident in Jammu and Kashmir, a four-year-old girl lost her life to a leopard attack that occurred when she was taken away from her home in the Udhampur district. This heartbreaking incident was reported by a senior forest officer, who revealed that the girl’s lifeless body was found approximately two kilometers away from the Upper Banjala village.

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The victim was identified as Tanu, as confirmed by Rakesh Sharma, the Range Officer of the Jammu and Kashmir Wildlife Department stationed in Udhampur, according to information provided by the news agency ANI.

Upon receiving the distressing news of the leopard taking the young girl, dedicated teams swiftly initiated a search operation. Regrettably, the search operation concluded with the discovery of the girl’s lifeless body. Rakesh Sharma expressed his condolences, stating, “We’re here to ensure that such incidents don’t occur in the future. This is a very unfortunate incident, and we will do all the help possible to the victim’s family.”

Efforts were also directed towards capturing the wild leopard responsible for this tragedy. A substantial search operation was launched with the aim of locating and safely containing the leopard. Additionally, plans were made to provide proper compensation to the grieving family of the victim, with the officer affirming, “We have prepared the file of compensation for the victim’s family. Proper compensation should be given to them as soon as possible.”

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