Hyderabad awakens to a heavy downpour.

On a Sunday morning, Hyderabad was greeted by a deluge of heavy rains and thunderstorms, creating challenging weather conditions for its residents. The city experienced relentless rainfall accompanied by strong winds, resulting in reduced visibility due to the persistent thunderstorms that had taken hold since the early hours.

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According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the cause of this downpour was attributed to cyclonic circulations over the Bay of Bengal and the presence of troughs over Vidarbha and coastal Andhra Pradesh. These meteorological factors combined to bring about the heavy rains and thunderstorms that Hyderabad was witnessing.

In terms of recorded rainfall across the state of Telangana, the Telangana State Development and Planning reported significant precipitation levels. The highest recorded rainfall in the state was documented in Mahbubbahar, registering an impressive 153.5 mm. This was closely followed by Rangareddy at 141.8 mm and Suryapet at 135 mm.

Within the city limits of Hyderabad itself, specific areas experienced varying degrees of rainfall. Marredpally recorded the highest rainfall at 42 mm, with Musheerabad closely trailing at 37 mm, and Secunderabad receiving 34 mm of rainfall.

Weather enthusiasts, like T Balaji, actively shared updates on platforms such as Twitter. Balaji issued a weather warning, notifying the public that a substantial chain of storms was forming in regions including Jagitial, Sircilla, Kamareddy, and Siddipet. This phenomenon was expected to lead to intermittent heavy rains continuing in the city throughout the morning and into the afternoon. These weather conditions underscored the need for residents to exercise caution and be prepared for the impact of this intense rainfall and thunderstorm activity.

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