PM Modi addresses China’s concerns over G20 event in Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh, saying, “They would hold merit if…”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comments were made in response to recent objections raised by China and Pakistan regarding the hosting of G20 events in Kashmir, which they consider disputed territory.

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As India gears up for the upcoming G20 Leaders Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed China’s and Pakistan’s objections to holding G20 events in Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh. He emphasized that India is fully prepared for this significant international event. In an interview with the news agency PTI, PM Modi stated that it is entirely natural for India to host G20 events in every part of its territory, given the country’s vast geographical and cultural diversity.

These remarks were made following objections from China and Pakistan, who view the venues as disputed. Notably, Pakistan, although not a G20 member, joined China in expressing their concerns.

In May 2023, India hosted the third G20 working group meeting on tourism in Srinagar, attended by delegates from all G20 countries except China. In March, a substantial number of G20 delegates also visited Arunachal Pradesh for a G20 event.

PM Modi stressed that hosting G20 events across India showcases the nation’s cultural and regional diversity on the global stage.

When asked about objections raised by neighboring countries, PM Modi expressed surprise at the question, stating that such objections would only be valid if India had refrained from conducting meetings in these venues. He highlighted India’s vast and diverse landscape, explaining that it’s natural for G20 meetings to take place in various parts of the country.

PM Modi also emphasized that during India’s G20 Presidency, more than 220 meetings would be hosted in 60 cities across all 28 states and 8 Union Territories of India. These meetings would involve over 1 lakh participants from 125 nationalities, showcasing India’s capabilities on the global stage.

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