Apple plans to introduce the iPhone 15 series in India simultaneously with its global debut, as reported.

Apple’s Plan for iPhone 15 Launch in India

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Apple is poised to launch the iPhone 15 from its manufacturing unit in Chennai, India, with the goal of achieving a nearly simultaneous release worldwide in mid-September, which represents a notable departure from its previous product release timelines.

iPhone 15 Production Commences in China and India

Reports suggest that iPhone 15 production commenced in China back in June, with the key components simultaneously making their way to Indian facilities, setting the stage for this strategic move by the tech giant.

Made-in-India’ iPhone 15 – A Significant Development

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 is shaping up to be a significant milestone for the company in India, with a major shift in its production and release strategy. The focus here is on minimizing the time gap between the Indian launch and the global release, possibly even achieving a simultaneous debut within India itself.

Reduced Time Gap Anticipated

Last year, Apple’s Foxconn facility in Chennai initiated the production of the iPhone 14 just ten days after its global launch, resulting in Indian-made iPhones hitting the market roughly a month later. This year, the aim is to significantly reduce, if not eliminate, this time gap, with all necessary preparations for mass production of the iPhone 15 already underway.

Trial Production and Component Arrival

It’s reported that trial production of the iPhone 15 commenced in China in June at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory, and components for the new model began arriving at Foxconn’s Indian facilities around the same time frame. This coordinated effort is instrumental in achieving a shorter turnaround time for the Indian market.

Export Plans for India-Made iPhone 15 Series

Apple has ambitious export plans for the iPhone 15 series, with exports set to kick off in December 2023. Initially, the focus will be on meeting the surging demand in the Indian market, particularly during the festive season. Following December, there are indications that Apple may expand its iPhone 15 exports to regions like Europe and the United States. This move demonstrates Apple’s commitment to leveraging its Indian manufacturing capabilities for global distribution.

In summary, Apple’s decision to launch the iPhone 15 from its Chennai unit in India is aimed at achieving a shorter time lag between the Indian and global releases, with the possibility of a simultaneous debut within India. This strategic shift in production and export plans represents a significant development for the tech giant in the Indian market.

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