Heavy rain in Hyderabad leads to chemical foam covering the streets.

In Rangareddy, Telangana, heavy rains that occurred a day ago resulted in the accumulation of substantial chemical foam on the streets of Shirdi Nagar and Dharani Nagar in Kukatpally on Wednesday. The origin of this foam can be traced back to the previous day’s heavy rainfall, which caused a peculiar reaction.

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Local residents pointed out that the sewers running alongside these neighborhoods had mixed with chemical waste discharged by nearby industries, leading to the formation of foam as rainwater reacted with these chemicals. This foam became a significant source of inconvenience for the local population.

In response to the situation, local authorities from the municipal body visited the affected areas and conducted inspections during the previous evening.

The Meteorological Department had issued a yellow alert for Telangana on Wednesday, specifically for central districts, North, and East districts, anticipating heavy rainfall. According to Nagaratna, the Director of the Meteorological Centre Hyderabad, the prevailing weather conditions indicated the presence of a low-pressure system over the North West and adjacent West Central Bay of Bengal, extending to a height of 7.6 km above sea level with a southwestward tilt. Additionally, a trough extended from the North-East Bay of Bengal to Andhra Pradesh.

Under the influence of these weather patterns, Telangana was expected to experience light to moderate rainfall in most areas on both Tuesday and Wednesday, with a subsequent reduction in rainfall activity. However, some parts of North East and East districts of Telangana were anticipated to receive very heavy rainfall. Specifically, heavy rainfall was forecasted for the North district of Telangana on Wednesday, followed by a gradual decrease in intensity, with light rains expected in the northern regions of the state.

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