The Kakatiya Musical Garden in Warangal is undergoing a revival.

The Kakatiya Musical Garden in Warangal, which is located adjacent to Bhadrakali Lake, holds a rich history. Once a vibrant and popular recreation center for both locals and visitors, it gradually faded into obscurity due to a lack of proper maintenance. The 15-acre musical garden, inaugurated in 1994, initially captured the imagination of many with its innovative musical fountain, a groundbreaking concept at the time. However, over the years, its allure waned as maintenance efforts dwindled.

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Recognizing the need for revival, the government entrusted the Kakatiya Urban Development Authority (KUDA) with the task of rejuvenating the musical garden. A substantial investment of Rs 3 crore has been allocated for this refurbishment project. The comprehensive revival plan includes restoring the musical fountain, establishing a butterfly park, creating a children’s play area, and providing facilities for adventure sports.

During a recent inspection of the ongoing work at the musical garden, Chief Whip D Vinay Bhaskar, along with Hanumakonda district collector Sikta Patnaik and KUDA chairman Sunder Raj Yadav, expressed their commitment to enhancing the site further. Their vision extends to constructing a convention center and a star hotel within the premises, with the aim of elevating the aesthetics and comfort for tourists. This ambitious undertaking aims to transform Hanumakonda into a thriving tourism hub, complementing the numerous historical attractions scattered throughout the erstwhile Warangal district. Municipal commissioner Rizwab Basha Shaik and KUDA official E Ajith Reddy were also present during this inspection, underscoring the collaborative effort to breathe new life into this iconic space.

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