Warangal: Vinay conducts a review of Kalakshetram’s progress.

In Warangal, Chief Whip D Vinay Bhaskar, accompanied by Kakatiya Urban Development Authority (KUDA) chairman Sunder Raj Yadav, undertook an extensive inspection of the ongoing construction project at Kaloji Kalakshetram. This cultural convention center, situated in Hanumakonda, was the focal point of their visit on a Monday. During their inspection, Vinay Bhaskar engaged in a comprehensive review of the project’s current status, alongside key officials and representatives from the contracting agency.

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Vinay Bhaskar, upon observing the progress and challenges faced during the construction process, provided specific directives to the officials. He emphasized the urgency of completing the construction of Kaloji Kalakshetram at the earliest feasible timeline. In particular, Vinay Bhaskar delved into the obstacles that had arisen during the auditorium’s construction and requested the officials to take measures to expedite the project. As a part of this, he instructed them to augment the workforce, aiming to accelerate the pace of the ongoing works.

It’s worth noting that a recent plan had been devised to inaugurate the Kalakshetram on September 9th, coinciding with the birth anniversary of Padma Vibhushan Kaloji Narayana Rao. The inauguration was intended to be conducted by the Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA&UD), K T Rama Rao. In anticipation of this event, MA&UD Special Chief Secretary Arvind Kumar had also conducted an inspection of the auditorium on September 6th. However, due to the uncompleted state of the construction works, the authorities were compelled to cancel the inauguration ceremony. Notable attendees during Vinay Bhaskar and Sunder Raj Yadav’s inspection included KUDA Vice chairman and municipal commissioner Rizwan Basha Shaikh and KUDA PO Ajit Reddy, among others. This incident underscores the significance of meticulous planning and execution in large-scale construction projects to meet desired timelines and quality standards.

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