In Warangal, female thieves target women pedestrians.

On September 13th, in Mills Colony, located in Warangal City, a concerning series of incidents unfolded involving female thieves targeting women pedestrians. These criminals employed a disturbing tactic by assaulting their victims with pepper spray directed at their eyes, after which they forcibly snatched their gold chains from around their necks.

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In the wake of these two consecutive incidents, both the victims and concerned members of the local community promptly reported the matter to the police. The victims recounted their harrowing experiences, describing how they were accosted while wearing churidar attire and face masks, with the assailants using pepper spray on them. Although the victims provided descriptions of the attackers as women, their identities remained concealed due to the face masks.

In response to the victims’ complaints, law enforcement authorities acted swiftly and decisively. A specialized police team was mobilized to investigate the matter thoroughly. Additionally, the police initiated a comprehensive review of the surveillance footage captured by CCTV cameras in the vicinity of the incident site, in hopes of identifying and apprehending the culprits responsible for these distressing crimes.

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