A Revanth Reddy predicts that Warangal will mark the beginning of KCR’s downfall.

TPCC president A Revanth Reddy criticized the state government for suppressing the voices of students who played a significant role in the Telangana Movement. He expressed his solidarity with the student Joint Action Committee (JAC) leaders protesting against police attacks on them. Revanth Reddy emphasized that Kakatiya University (KU) had been the focal point of the Telangana Movement and believed that the suppression of KU students would ignite a revolt against the autocratic rule of KCR.

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He strongly condemned the alleged use of “third-degree” tactics by the police against students who raised legitimate concerns about irregularities within the university. Revanth Reddy also accused both the university authorities and the police of aligning with the ruling party leaders.

Revanth Reddy extended his support to protesting teachers working under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and criticized the government for not meeting their justifiable demands. He promised that if the Congress came to power, it would regularize their jobs and accused KCR of promoting privatization in the education sector.

The TPCC president also expressed solidarity with leaders from MRPS and the Mahajana Socialist Party (MSP) who were on a relay hunger strike at Ekasila Park, demanding the categorization of scheduled castes.

Later, at a private function hall, Revanth Reddy addressed the party cadres of the Warangal Lok Sabha constituency, urging them to work diligently until they could defeat both the ruling BRS party at the state level and the BJP at the national level. He alleged that despite appearing as rivals on the surface, the BRS and the BJP had a covert understanding and had done little for the people of Telangana in the past nine-and-a-half years.

Revanth Reddy accused the KCR family of being the sole beneficiaries in Telangana and blamed the BRS government for pushing the surplus state into a debt trap. He pointed out that despite the public’s trust in him during two elections, KCR had forgotten the core principles of the separate Telangana agitation – ‘Neellu, Nidhulu, and Niyamakalu’ (water, funds, and employment).

He further criticized KCR for not fulfilling his election promises and accused him of resorting to new schemes as a means to deceive the people, causing them to lose trust in the BRS government. Several prominent political figures were present during Revanth Reddy’s statements, including Warangal Parliament in-charge Ravindra Uttamrao Dalvi, Sambhani Chandrasekhar, and other TPCC leaders.

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