Dengue outbreak claims 12 lives in Warangal, with rising fever cases in Telangana.

In recent days, government hospitals in areas such as Mulugu within the former Warangal district have been experiencing a significant influx of patients afflicted with dengue, malaria, and viral fever. Official records indicate that 12 individuals have succumbed to dengue, with ten fatalities in Mulugu and two in Hanamkonda districts.

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The decline in rainfall has led to the accumulation of garbage in drainage canals, causing contaminated water to overflow into various neighborhoods and onto roadways. This has contributed to the spread of these contagious diseases.The primary factors responsible for the drastic increase in mosquito populations are poor sanitation, incomplete drainage construction, and the failure to clean vacant plots in urban areas.

Mulugu district is home to 17 Primary Health Centres (PHC), all of which are grappling with an influx of patients with various health issues. Government hospitals are seeing between 80 to 120 fever patients daily.

Health officials at the Eturnagaram PHC, such as Sambaiah, are collecting blood samples from patients displaying dengue and malaria symptoms and sending them to MGM Hospital for testing. However, many government hospitals in the former Warangal district lack dengue testing kits and essential facilities for blood platelet count and ELISA tests needed for dengue fever diagnosis.

Hospitals in rural and agency areas are referring patients to the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) hospital for Elisa tests. The superintendent of MGM Hospital, Dr. V. Chandrasekhar, has prepared approximately 300 beds for patients, along with ventilators and oxygen cylinders for emergencies. The bed capacity can be expanded if necessary. Currently, there are around 182 patients under treatment at MGM Hospital, including 28 with dengue, seven with malaria, and 147 with seasonal fever.

Patients seeking care at private hospitals must bear the cost of dengue fever tests, which can range from Rs.1,000 to Rs.1,500.

The district administration, in collaboration with officials from the medical, health, and municipal departments, is on high alert and implementing preventive measures to contain the dengue outbreak. Tragically, Yerra Raju (43), a contract worker in the Malaria department, lost his life due to suffocation while conducting mosquito fogging in an under-construction apartment in Waddepally, Hanamkonda district.

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