A state-of-the-art Laundromat is set to bring significant changes to the Rajaka community’s lives in Warangal.

In a significant development aimed at benefiting the Rajaka community in Hanamkonda, a state-of-the-art Laundromat, a mechanized clothes washing facility, is nearing completion in Pothana Nagar. This facility is poised to bring a revolutionary change to the laundry industry in the tri-city region.

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One remarkable aspect of this Laundromat is its staggering daily capacity to wash 10,000 clothes, which is double that of any similar facility in the entire country. This impressive capability promises to usher in a new era of efficiency and convenience for the local Rajaka community, which has a longstanding tradition of engagement in the laundry industry.

The Laundromat is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, including nine large washing machines, dryers, ironing steam machines, and ironing tables, all dedicated to providing high-quality laundry services. Currently, the facility is in its final stages of completion and is expected to create employment opportunities for 100 individuals, overseen and managed by the BC Welfare Department.

This initiative not only grants the Rajaka community access to modern amenities but also offers them a chance to improve their livelihoods, marking a significant step towards socio-economic progress.

The progress of the Laundromat was inspected by District Collector Sikta Patnaik and Greater Warangal Commissioner Rizwanbasha Shaik, who issued instructions for its swift completion. Additionally, a bore well was sunk to ensure an uninterrupted water supply to the facility.

The Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation (GWMC) has plans to construct two Laundromats within its limits, each costing Rs 3 crore. The Laundromat at Pothana Nagar is nearing its opening, while another facility is being established at Ursu tank. Officials have assured that the finishing touches will be added in the next two to three days, paving the way for the much-anticipated inauguration. The Laundromat at Ursu tank is expected to be completed within the next two months.

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