Eric Saarnio of Amazon believes that generative AI has the potential to address practical customer issues in home settings.

Eric Saarnio, who works at Amazon, talked about how they want to make their digital assistant, Alexa, even more helpful by using something called generative AI. Generative AI is like a smart tool that can make new things, like sentences or pictures, when you ask it to. They think this will make Alexa act more like a real person when you talk to it.

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They believe that using this generative AI can help solve problems for people at home. Amazon wants Alexa to be like a friend that you can talk to easily, just like we’re talking now. They’ve updated Alexa with this new technology so it can have more natural conversations with you without needing a special word to wake it up.

They’re doing this because they want Alexa to stay popular and stay in people’s homes. When more people use Alexa, they often buy Amazon’s other products, like Echo speakers. So, it’s important for Amazon to make sure Alexa is the best it can be.

Eric Saarnio says it’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges when you think about other voice assistants on phones. The challenge for their team was to make talking to Alexa feel as natural as talking to a real person. And now, they think the technology is ready to make that happen for customers.

They showed this new Alexa at a big event, and it was a big deal. It’s so important to Amazon because they want Alexa to be at the center of your home, where you use it for many things. Even though they had some small issues during the event, like Alexa taking a bit longer to respond, it felt more like having a real conversation.

But, Amazon is taking their time to introduce this new Alexa. They’re going to test it first in the United States over the next few months to make sure it works well before giving it to everyone. So, they’re being careful and not rushing things.

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