Manchirevula Forest Park trek and explore its special features.

Manchirevula forest park opens. Click here.

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Telangana State Forest Development Corporation’s Ambitious Haritaharam Program

The Telangana State Forest Development Corporation is embarking on an ambitious endeavor under its flagship program, Haritaharam, which aims to develop five urban forest parks in the vicinity of Hyderabad. As part of this initiative, Chief Minister KCR is set to inaugurate the Forest Trek Park in Manchirevu, marking the commencement of a monumental tree planting program. In this comprehensive overview, we delve into the unique features of this forest park, strategically nestled amidst Narsinghi Police Academy, Appa Junction, Chilkuru Reserve Forest Block, Shamshabad Division, and Manchirevu, encompassing a sprawling 100-hectare area.

The Natural Beauty of Manchirevu’s Landscape

One of the primary attractions of the Forest Trek Park in Manchirevu is its captivating natural beauty. This hilly terrain boasts meandering streams, picturesque water bodies, and naturally formed rocks, all of which combine to create a scenic haven for visitors. Interestingly, this very location once served as a dumping ground for construction and building waste, making its transformation into an urban forest park a remarkable feat.

Dedicated Investment for Development

To bring this vision to life, a substantial investment of Rs 7 crore 38 lakh has been allocated for the park’s development. The focus of this investment extends beyond aesthetics, encompassing various aspects of the park’s infrastructure and facilities. This includes the creation of suitable trekking paths and the planting of numerous plant species to enrich the biodiversity of the park.

Key Features of Manchirevu Forest Park

1.Emphasis on Greenery: The park places a premium on lush greenery, contributing to its serene and refreshing ambiance.

2.Joint Compound Wall Construction: HMDA (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority) and the Forest Department have collaborated to construct a substantial 4.5-kilometer-long compound wall, ensuring the security and integrity of the park.

3.Local Species Plantation: Approximately 50,000 saplings of local plant species have been meticulously planted within the park’s open spaces, fostering ecological diversity.

4.Revenue Generation: The park aims to attract tourists, with a target of generating Rs. 3 lakhs in revenue per month.

5.Artistic Rock Paintings: Visitors, especially children, are enchanted by the artistic rock paintings featuring animals like the baby elephant, eagle face, and other captivating images, including the renowned balancing rocks.

6.Enhanced Scenic Beauty: The inclusion of a small pond, Peddammacheru, and a check dam within the park’s grounds further elevates its natural charm.

7.Comparative Distinction: Officials have likened Manchirevu Forest Park to prominent urban forest parks such as the Botanical Garden and KBR National Park, underlining its significance in the region.

In conclusion, the Forest Trek Park in Manchirevu stands as a testament to the transformative power of reclamation and the dedication of those striving to create urban green spaces. With its scenic allure, diverse flora, and engaging features, it promises to be a cherished destination for nature enthusiasts and families alike. Check the following youtube videos.

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