A crocodile that entered a residential area in Hanamkonda has been relocated to a zoo.

In Hanamkonda, panic struck the neighborhoods surrounding Hunter Road when a crocodile ventured into an open plot in Vikas Colony, where a significant amount of water had accumulated due to heavy rainfall on Thursday night.

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On Friday morning, colony residents discovered the crocodile and, in response, threw stones at it, forcing the reptile to retreat into a waterlogged area within the plot. Videos of the crocodile incident went viral on various social media platforms.

Local residents then reached out to the Forest department for assistance and informed the plot owner, Naresh Singh. Forest Range Officer (FRO) V Raju, along with a veterinary doctor named R Praveen Kumar and a group of local fishermen equipped with nets, arrived at the scene to capture the reptile. By Friday evening, they successfully trapped the crocodile and relocated it to the zoo park.

FRO Raju clarified that the zoo park already housed eight crocodiles, none of which had escaped. The park’s crocodile population comprised one male, three females, and three young crocodiles. Raju suggested that the crocodile found in Vikas Colony likely originated from the nearby Bhadrakali Tank.

Notably, government chief whip Dasyam Vinay Bhaskar, Hanamkonda district collector Sikta Patnaik, and Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation (GWMC) Commissioner Rizwanbasha Shaik visited the residential areas along Hunter Road. They advised open plot owners to take preventive measures against waterlogging, highlighting the proximity of Bhadrakali Tank and the potential for wild animals to enter residential areas. However, Raju mentioned that the colony residents had not been cooperating with government authorities.

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