Forest staff rescues crocodile found in stagnant water in Hanamkonda.

On a Friday, a crocodile was discovered in a pool of stagnant water within a plot situated in a low-lying area near the residential locality of Padmakshigutta in Hanamkonda. As the news of this unusual sighting spread, the officials from the Forest department swiftly organized a team, which included veterinary experts, and dispatched them to the location.

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After an intensive operation that spanned nearly three hours, the dedicated team successfully managed to rescue the crocodile. Subsequently, they transported the reptile to a forested area with the intent to release it into Pakal Lake, situated approximately 50 kilometers away from Warangal, as reported by sources within the Forest department.

Interestingly, the staff involved in the rescue operation remained uncertain about the crocodile’s point of origin, and its presence in the stagnant water pool puzzled them.

Additional sources revealed that residents of a nearby colony, in the vicinity of Kakatiya Zoo Park, had previously claimed to have spotted a crocodile in a pond within the Padmakashigutta area. Despite several attempts by concerned personnel to locate the elusive reptile, it had managed to evade capture.

With the successful rescue of the crocodile by the forest staff on that Friday afternoon, the relieved residents of the area breathed a collective sigh of relief.

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