OpenAI’s CEO acknowledges the potential for regulatory mistakes but advises against fearing regulation.

On Monday, the CEO of OpenAI, the organization behind ChatGPT, expressed that while regulating artificial intelligence (AI) carries the risk of making mistakes, it remains a crucial endeavor, urging against an excessive fear of it. This statement comes amidst growing global concerns regarding the rapid advancements in AI technology.

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Numerous countries are actively developing plans for AI regulation, with the United Kingdom scheduled to host a global AI safety summit in November. This summit’s primary focus will be on comprehending the potential risks associated with cutting-edge AI technology and exploring ways to establish both national and international regulatory frameworks.

Sam Altman, the CEO and prominent figure representing OpenAI, a startup backed by Microsoft Corp, shared his views during a visit to Taipei. Altman mentioned that while he isn’t overly concerned about excessive government regulation at this point, it remains a possibility.

Altman also expressed concerns about the opposite extreme, which is insufficient regulation. He acknowledged that the tech industry often criticizes regulation, but emphasized that they have been advocating for regulation, particularly for the most powerful AI systems. Altman highlighted the need for regulation for AI models that are significantly more powerful than GPT-4 and even approach the intelligence of human civilization.

During an AI event hosted by the charitable foundation of Terry Gou, the founder of major Apple supplier Foxconn, Altman addressed the tech industry’s tendency towards opposing regulation. He pointed out that while regulation is not without its flaws, it has brought numerous benefits, such as ensuring the safety of air travel without passengers needing to assess the safety of each flight individually.

In conclusion, the CEO of OpenAI stressed that while the process of regulating AI can be prone to errors, it is an essential endeavor that should not be met with undue fear, as some form of regulation is deemed important for the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies. Terry Gou, currently running as an independent candidate for Taiwan’s presidency, was present at the forum but did not address the audience.

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