There are eight community halls dedicated to tribals in the former Warangal region.

The Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA), Eturnagaram, is embarking on an ambitious project to construct eight community halls, known as Girijan or Banjara Bhavans, within the former Warangal district. Each of these facilities is estimated to cost Rs. 2 crore and is intended to serve as essential gathering points for meetings and the provision of various services aimed at improving the well-being of the tribal population.

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ITDA’s Project Officer (PO), Ankit, elaborated on the project, stating, “This initiative entails the establishment of two community halls in Station Ghanpur Mandal, one in Palakurthy Mandal in Jangaon district, one in Bhupalpally, one in Parkal in Hanamkonda district, one in Narasampet, and another in Wardhannapet Mandal in the Warangal district.”

In addition to the community halls, ITDA is proactively addressing healthcare needs in remote areas by introducing eight bike ambulances. These ambulances will offer immediate medical assistance to residents residing in isolated regions, ensuring that essential medical services are easily accessible.

With the rise in cases of viral fevers, ITDA has initiated regular health camps in tribal hamlets to combat the spread of such diseases. PO Ankit emphasized the significance of these efforts, explaining, “Given the increasing incidence of viral fevers during the monsoon season, we are conducting regular camps in tribal hamlets and taking all necessary measures to control the spread of these diseases.”

In anticipation of the highly awaited Medaram Maha Jatara scheduled for February next year, ITDA is also planning the construction of temporary shelters in Incherla, near the Mulugu district headquarters. These shelters will serve as vital refuge points for devotees during the event.

Furthermore, as part of the Chief Minister’s Giri Vikasam scheme, ITDA has initiated an extensive survey to identify podu lands lacking basic amenities such as electricity and water facilities. A total of 1.02 lakh acres of land is set to be assessed as part of this ongoing initiative.

In response to the recent flash floods that tragically claimed nine lives in Dodla-Kondai villages, ITDA has submitted a proposal to the Roads and Buildings Department for the construction of a high-level bridge across the Jampanna Vagu to mitigate such incidents in the future.

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