Tickets for the Panchayat, Rahul’s series – let them decide..!!

In Telangana, the election schedule is expected to be released soon, with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) having already announced its candidates, while the Congress is facing internal conflicts. There seems to be a competition within the party over ticket allocation, particularly for individuals aspiring to gain authority.

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Rahul Gandhi, in particular, has been actively involved in these matters, making statements and expressing his concerns about the ticket distribution process. He has indicated that the selection of candidates should focus on those who can secure victory for the party.

New Challenges: Ticket distribution for Congress in Telangana has brought about new challenges. Disputes are emerging daily within the party over caste equations, political experience, preferences, seniority, juniors, and screening committee decisions. Rahul Gandhi himself has taken a direct interest in the selection of candidates. The screening committee members have collected information from Rahul Gandhi regarding ticket details. The party is keen on fielding candidates who have a good chance of winning the elections.

Social Equality: Rahul Gandhi has stressed the need for fairness in the distribution of tickets among aspirants. He has voiced concerns about how the distribution process should maintain equality among candidates from different backgrounds. He has been meeting with aspirants from communities such as Mudiraj, Goud, and Yadav to discuss their prospects.

Future Prospects: Rahul Gandhi has also spoken about the party’s goal to win in Telangana. He has emphasized that the ticket allocation should prioritize candidates with the potential to secure victory. With around 35 seats left to decide, the party is actively addressing the challenges arising from candidate selection. The remaining categories of candidates are also presenting issues as the selection process becomes official. Congress is striving to maintain enthusiasm among its aspirants and address concerns as it moves forward with the election process.

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